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Do you presently have any animals? (Please note: Pot-Bellied pigs, or any other member of the pig family are instinctive prey for Great Danes) List Breed, age and reproductive status (spayed, neutered, intact)
Other that current animals how many have you owned in the past? List what happened to them.
Why do you want to adopt a rescue Great Dane?
Have you owned a Great Dane in the past? (if yes skip the next two questions)
If no, have you had exposure to the breed?
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If renting, does your lease agreement allow for large dogs within the premises?
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Do you have plans to move in the next 5 years?
When you go on vacation, what plans will be made to accommodate your Great Dane?
Do you have any experience house training a dog?
Do you have any experience in basic obedience training?
Are you willing to crate train if necessary?
On a regular day, how many hours will the Great Dane be left alone?
Where is the primary residence of the Great Dane? Inside house
Where will the Great Dane be kept while you are away from home? Inside house
How many family members reside in your household?
Are there people home during the day?
Are there children (18 and under) in the home?
Please list children's ages
Will each member of your family be available to meet a potential adoptee?
Do you have any preferences for a rescue Great Dane? Male
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Young adult (1-3 years)
Mature Adult (3+ years)
Do you have a preferred color? ex: Harlequin, black, fawn, brindle
Is there anything else you would like us to consider that would assist us to determine a proper placement for you?
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