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Meet Turbo!

Turbo is an 8 year old male that acts like he’s still 5 years old. He is great with kids and cats. Turbo would do best in a home with either smaller dogs or no dogs at all. He is intact so he likes the lady Danes but leaves smaller girls alone. Due to his age we have decided to leave him intact. The reason to neuter is so they can not reproduce at 8 years old he likely has no ability to reproduce so why put him through a needless surgery.  Turbo is not aggressive but he does like to be the boss with other males, he just needs to be corrected and he moves on. Turbo does well off leash at parks, he likes to swim and play fetch. He is active and shows no signs of slowing down. If you think this beautiful blue Merle boy is for you, fill out an application specifying your interested in Turbo!


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