frequently asked questions

Are dogs that are surrendered to For the Love of Danes kept in boarding kennels?

No.  We have a network of dedicated volunteers who open up their homes to the dogs that are surrendered into our care. Our volunteers all have Danes of their own and have experience with Dane-related issues.

How do you find new homes?

We do background, reference and home checks on any potential Adopter to ensure that your Dane goes to a responsible, loving permanent home.  We spay/neuter all dogs that come into rescue before adopting them to prevent them from being used for breeding purposes.  All Danes are examined by a veterinarian to ensure there are no obvious health issues and all vaccines are up to date.  All Danes are also micro chipped and have For the Love of Danes Rescue Society registered as the permanent secondary contact. We act as a resource for our adoptive homes and follow the dog's progress for the rest of their life.  

Are you a "No Kill" shelter?

Every animal that comes into our care is examined by a veterinarian. Any Great Dane who is found to be suffering from an incurable disease or who demonstrates severe aggression towards people may humanely be put to sleep. 

Can we visit our Great Dane at their new home?

We may agree to provide you feedback on how your Great Dane is doing in their new home for a short period of time but will not normally not tell you who the Dane was placed with or where they are.  This is to prevent well meaning visits by you after you have given up the dog.  Seeing previous owners can confuse an adopted dog and lead to stress related problems.

How to surrender your  Great Dane

The first step is to contact us  to determine if we can take your dog.  Please note that we are a non profit society and operate solely from donations. It costs us money to find a suitable home for your dog, therefore a donation is required before a dog is surrendered to us.  If we feel we can place your Dane, we will discuss a donation to help cover any costs that may be required for your Great Dane (spaying, neutering, shots, etc)

If your Dane is a candidate for adoption, you will be asked to fill out a surrender document.  This gives us all relevant information on your Dane's temperament, health issues, and any other information you feel will assist with a stress-free placement with a new owner.   Please click here to download the surrender document.  We ask that you completely and accurately fill it out to help us find a new home for your Dane. 

DO NOT SUBMIT THE SURRENDER FORM if you are still actively exploring other options of finding another home for your Dane.  When we receive your surrender form, various resources are immediately committed to finding a Foster/Adoptive home, and this is a waste of time/expense on our part if owners change their mind.