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know your rescue!

For the Love of Danes Rescue is official Rescue for the Great Dane Club of Canada - Western Division and we also work with  the Western Great Dane Club of BC.  

For the Love of Danes Rescue  provides for the rescue, care, and adoption of Great Dane dogs in need.

A SPECIAL thanks and heart felt condolences

Sometimes a Dane is taken from the world far too young. A beautiful young boy named Flynn touched so many hearts that people from all around have helped put together a few things for his family. There was so much love that it overflowed and a donation was made to rescue for $500 in his name by Must Love Dogs GP. We are so very sorry for the loss of this smart, handsome boy.

so what exactly does THAT mean??

 While not all of our volunteers are members of any breed club or active in the dog show world, we are very proud to say that many of  our supporters and members are.  This means that For the Love of Danes benefits from the wealth of knowledge and experience provided by not only the GDCC, the WGDCBC and their members as well as other responsible and ethical breeders.  Breeders and members in good standing of the Great Dane Club of Canada (and other Breed Clubs) are the backbone of our Rescue Organization, as are most other established and reputable Rescue Organizations.  Our mission is quite clear, to help displaced Great Danes find new, loving and permanent homes. 

The reasons are diverse as to why dogs come into our care - from irresponsible breeders or puppy mills to situations such as divorce, death or other family crisis'. All Danes surrendered to us are given veterinary care as required; some may only require a check up to confirm good health while others may need more attention. As well, any Dane received into our care is either spayed or neutered. Finally, their temperaments are carefully assessed to ensure placements into appropriate environments.


what is a rescue dog?

First and foremost, a rescue dog is one that needs a new home. Like people, rescue dogs come from a wide variety of backgrounds and have varying needs. Some of the rescued Great Danes come from loving homes that can no longer keep their cherished pets. Reasons include an owner who dies or must go into a nursing facility, families that are forced to make a lifestyle change, such as a move overseas or into another home where pets are not permitted, or animals that are given up due to divorce. In these instances, a complete background of the animal's health and temperament is usually available.

Other Danes are given up because the owners were unprepared for the lifestyle requirements of the breed or they did not spend the time to properly train their dogs. We work to ensure that prospective adoptive homes are prepared for the needs of the Great Dane breed and a rescue dog.  Again, with these animals, a complete background of their health and temperament is usually available.

Most of the dogs that come to rescue are adults. Puppies are rarely available for rescue. All rescue dogs are neutered or spayed before going to their new homes, and almost without exception go without CKC or other registration papers.

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