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Carolann Palin passed away Feb 2 and in honor of her memory her family have asked people to make a donation to "For the Love of Danes Rescue" in lieu of flowers. 

Carolann had a Harlequin Dane named Harley. Harley was the love of her life for 5 years.  Since then she always had a soft spot for the Gentle Giants.

The donation link can be found at the bottom of this page and in the list of links on the right. E-transfers can be made to

For the Love of Danes Rescue Society provides for the rescue, care, and adoption of Great Dane dogs in need. Through our efforts, displaced Great Danes find new, loving, permanent homes.

The reasons are diverse as to why dogs come into our care - from irresponsible breeders or puppy mills to situations such as divorce, death or other family crisis'. All Danes surrendered to us are given veterinary care as required; some may only require a check up to confirm good health while others may need more attention. As well, any Dane received into our care is either spayed or neutered. Finally, their temperaments are carefully assessed to ensure placements into appropriate environments.

what is a rescue dog?

First and foremost, a rescue dog is one that needs a new home. Like people, rescue dogs come from a wide variety of backgrounds and have varying needs. Some of the rescued Great Danes come from loving homes that can no longer keep their cherished pets. Reasons include an owner who dies or must go into a nursing facility, families that are forced to make a lifestyle change, such as a move overseas or into another home where pets are not permitted, or animals that are given up due to divorce. In these instances, a complete background of the animal's health and temperament is usually available.

Other Danes are given up because the owners were unprepared for the lifestyle requirements of the breed or they did not spend the time to properly train their dogs. We work to ensure that prospective adoptive homes are prepared for the needs of the Great Dane breed and a rescue dog.  Again, with these animals, a complete background of their health and temperament is usually available.

Most of the dogs that come to rescue are adults. Puppies are rarely available for rescue. All rescue dogs are neutered or spayed before going to their new homes, and almost without exception go without CKC or other registration papers.

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News Flash

we have a young adult fawn neutred great dane looking for his forever home.  please go to our available page for more information

thank you Jennifer Radbourne for your continued support.  to read about jennifer's great dane Apollo, please go to our memorial page.
if you can help foster or are looking to adopt, please go to our forms page and fill out an application to adopt.  (please use the same form to foster, just mark foster only)

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