Hi! My name is Titan and I am looking for my forever home. I just turned 2 but my foster mom says that I'm a handsome baby Dane in a big package.
I love to play with anyone but my foster momma says I should play with dogs that don't find my size and energy level intimidating. She says I'm a vocal player which means I like to like to make big dinosaur noises when I play. Some dogs don't like my play noises.
She says I'm VERY smart and learn things how to open doors all by myself!
I don't really like to be alone too much but sometimes have to be when my foster mom can't take me to work. I sometimes cry a little but settle down shortly. I'm working on my kennel training and go in especially quick when there is a treat involved. Some days I get to go to work with my foster mom and I greet everyone at the door. I'm very sweet and make sure everyone pets me before they are allowed into the building.
My foster mom thinks I should have another high energy dog in my house to play with because I am less mischievous (whatever that means) that way. My foster brother and sister are older and don't like to play with me, so I go to my friend Dewey's house for play dates and we have a great time! I love tug and chase games.
I am completely house trained but could use more work on my leash training. I'm pretty good on leash but can be vocal when I see other dogs cause I really want to go meet them and play with them and I'm very strong. I also think that bunnies would be REALLY fun to chase and play with.
My foster mom said it took about 3 weeks for me to decompress and settle in and get used to the new routine. She says exercise is critical for me at this stage as I have all this crazy puppy energy in a big body. When I'm tired, I'm a HUGE cuddle bug and love to be close to my people. My foster mom thinks my name should be Shadow as I follow her everywhere.
Great Dane or large breed experience is a must for me. Please contact For the Love of Danes Rescue to inquire about me.




Always Apply

Please please please always send us an application. Even if we don't have any dogs here as available it doesn't mean we don't have one or two about to come in. We don't like having the dogs in foster care for long if we don't have to. It is best for the dog to get moving on with their lives as soon as possible