Copper will be ready for his forever home in the next 2-3 weeks. He is a 6 year old Harlequin that will be neutered and vaccinated prior to coming home. Copper is a kind sweet happy loving boy that gets along with most dogs and people.

What we know about this boy: He was used in a breeding program and the breeder no longer wanted him. He ended up being rehomed and was abused and injured. He is healing from what is believed to be cigarette burns and puncture wounds from being in a dog fight. He’s also very skinny. No one took the time to show Copper manners, however he has learned sit, down and wait in the last 3 days! He is very smart boy.

Copper will be placed in a home with no dogs/cats. He has been tested with dogs and has NOT shown any aggression towards any dog. But because he doesn’t have manners and doesn’t pick up on social queues he sometimes will mount a dog causing that dog to react. He doesn’t do this to all dogs, just some. He dislikes cats very much. Copper will also be placed in a home with no young kids as he becomes nervous with loud voices and hyper children.

If you think you can offer Copper a calm loving environment please fill out an application on our website. This sweet soul deserves to be shown kindness and love for the rest of his years.

He will be adopted to Alberta or BC. Currently he is located in Calgary.